Lead: U.S. efforts to annex Canada in the 19th century helped focus the minds of Canadian politicians, often at odds on other matters, on the need to create a single nation state able to assert and maintain Canada as an independent and sovereign nation.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: In 1867 Canadian statesman Thomas D'Arcy McGee said, "they [the Americans] coveted Florida, and they seized it; they coveted Louisiana, and purchased it; they coveted Texas, and stole it... The acquisition of Canada was the first ambition of the American Confederacy, and never ceased to be..." He was not wrong to be so concerned. Throughout the 19th century until the establishment of the Dominion of Canada, there was a real and present danger that the United States with its superior military, financial resources, and population might reach out to absorb Canada into the growing colossus of North America.

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