Lead: The balmy exotic, alluring City of Tangier in the late spring of 1904 was alive with news that a wealthy American had been kidnapped.

                Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

                Content: Since 1777 Morocco has remained one of the United States most loyal allies. With a fleet led by the frigate USS Constitution, American sailors and marines helped the Sultan clean up the Barbary Coast pirates when those cutthroats threatened to overwhelm Mediterranean shipping in the early 1800s. Yet, it was the City of Tangier that exerted almost tantalizing fascination for travelers. High above the blue waters of the Atlantic terminus of the Strait of Gibraltar, the City with its white sun-washed houses, its maze-like old quarter evoking images of opium dens and wild sexual adventures, its exotic blend of Middle Eastern and European culture, have all held fast the world’s imagination. Long after the West had become addicted to one of its exports, the small, sweet orange known as the tangerine, the world was hooked on Tangier.