Lead: In deciding against Dred Scott the United States Supreme Court said that the constitution restricted the kind of laws Congress could make concerning property and slaves were property.
Intro.: "A Moment in Time" with Dan Roberts.
Content: Dred Scott was the slave of an army surgeon. During his years of servitude, Scott lived, married and had children on those various military bases to which his master, Dr. John Emerson, was posted. Some of those Forts were in free states, other were in states or territories in which the United States Congress had permitted the sale and use of slaves. When Emerson died in 1843 Scott went to Court in Missouri to secure freedom for himself and his family reasoning that since he had spent time on free soil he had a right to be free. In this he was simply following the logic of Missouri courts up to that time. In the past, they had regularly ruled that slaves living for any length of time on free soil were automatically free.

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