Lead: Facing a large scale Shawnee/British attack, Daniel Boone led the defense of Boonesborough, Kentucky. His leadership was under attack: many of the settlers thought him a traitor.
Intro.: "A Moment in Time" with Dan Roberts.
Content: Founded in 1775, the settlement of Boonesborough became a target for various Indian tribes angry at white intrusion into their territory and allied with the British. During an expedition to gather salt for the besieged outpost Boone was captured by a Shawnee raiding party and taken to their homes on the Miami River in south central Ohio. During four months of capture he convinced the Indians, the British, and at least a few of his fellow captives that he was switching sides. This conviction seemed to be confirmed when Blackfish, a Shawnee Chief, adopted Boone into his own family. Hearing of a coming campaign against the central Kentucky settlements, Boone escaped and made his way back to warn the pioneers.