Barons of the Brandywine

Lead: After 93 days wandering on the high seas, one of America's greatest families arrived in Rhode Island.

Intro.: "A Moment in Time" with Dan Roberts.

Content: January 1, 1800, cold and wintery Newport, Rhode Island witnessed the arrival of the American Eagle. Its tall sails were torn and the sides covered with barnacle from its three months at sea. If anyone had bothered to look at that battered ship, hustling into the harbor that night, they would have noticed it bore an unusually flag, that of the family of Pierre Samuel DuPont de Nemours. They were lucky to be there. The DuPont family had come to prominence in the service of the royal family of France. Caught in the shifting alliances of the Revolution, Pierre and his sons remained very conservative and despite occasional flirtations with republicanism, found themselves on the wrong side of the disputes that led to Napoleon's rise to power. Released from prison, they had to promise to leave France.


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