The Mecklenburg “Declaration of Independence” – II

Lead:  On May 31, 1775 delegates meeting in Charlotte the seat of Mecklenburg County North Carolina passed a set of resolves providing for orderly government as the bonds between Britain and its colonies were breaking up. This event became the basis for the so-called "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence."

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: As the years passed the events of the Revolutionary Era faded in memory. People began to forget that there was much dissension between Americans over Independence. Many people fought on the side of the British and only late in the war slipped over to the Patriot side. It is not surprising that by the 1820s Americans in all sections were clambering for recognition as being among the earliest and most enthusiastic supporters of Revolution. In fact, the break from Britain was a dicey affair with the outcome very much in doubt and the colonies split.

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