Lead: In the years leading up to the 1912 election President William Howard Taft and his predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt, fell out. This meant Woodrow Wilson became President.

Intro.: "A Moment in Time" with Dan Roberts.

Content: On balance the Presidency of William Howard Taft was not without its accomplishments. He established a process leading to a annual Federal budget, continued Roosevelt's emphasis on the conservation of natural resources and vigorously enforced anti-trust legislation. However, by many standards, Taft paled when compared to his predecessor. He was a dull speaker, his physical presence was overshadowed by the tireless vitality of Roosevelt and his political skills did not measure up to the former President. Soon after his election in 1908 Taft allowed the congressional Republican Party to slip out of control and a split developed between traditional conservatives led by House Speaker Joseph Cannon and a group of insurgents angered by what they felt was a drift away from the progressive policies of Teddy Roosevelt.

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