Lead: Of all the structures counted among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, perhaps the most mysterious is the statue of Helios the Sun God, the Colossus of Rhodes.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: Rhodes is an island at the eastern end of the Mediterranean just off the southwestern coast of modern Turkey. In the ancient era it was blessed with fertile soil and an excellent climate, and though traditionally an ally of Egypt, maintained generally peaceful relationships and significant commercial contacts with its neighbors. In the fourth century B.C.E., Antigonus, King of Macedonia, set his eyes on Egypt and encourage the Rhodians to abandon their alliance with Egypt and join forces with him. When they refused in 305 B.C.E. he sent a large force under his son Demetrius but Rhodes put up such a tenacious resistance that Demetrius abandoned the effort along with his very expensive siege engines. The Rhodians, seeing a bargain at hand, sold the engines for about $2 million in today's money and in gratitude for their deliverance erected a statue in honor of their patron deity, Helios, the Sun God.

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