Lead: By the turn of the twentieth century, most of the globe had been explored. One great prize remained -- the South Pole. In the end the race came down to an intense competition between two determined men.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: Barren Antarctica is the coldest and iciest place on earth. The terrain is so hostile to human habitation and the distance – roughly 800 miles from the sea—that early expeditions to reach the pole fell short of their goal. In 1902, Arctic explorer and British Naval officer, Robert Falcon Scott led the Discovery expedition, named for his ship, to Antarctica and came within 400 miles of the pole. Accompanying Scott on this trip were British zoologist Edward Wilson and a young Arctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton. In 1909 Shackleton led his own expedition and came within 111 miles of the Pole.

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