Lead: Prohibition, the noble attempt by reformers and religious activists to shut down demon rum foundered on the only unrepealable historical law, that of unintended consequences.,

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: Though Puritans largely failed in their attempt to establish a godly commonwealth set on a Massachusetts hill in the 17th century, their efforts have left a residual reformist inclination in the American social experiment. Shorn of the overtly theological emphasis of the Puritans, much that passes for reform in America still retains a measure of that Puritan predisposition to create a perfect society. One way to do this is by reforming the behavior of naughty, licentious adults. Such an approach has the unfortunate result of nearly always failing. Adult human beings, inclined by nature to do what they want to do, resist attempts by religious zealots to make them into better people.

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