Lead: In 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. He justified this because he claimed his small neighbor was a creation of the British after World War I. He neglected to say that so was Iraq.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: During the war, to protect its colonial lifeline in the Middle East and with millions of troops tied down in the trenches of Europe, Britain encouraged rival Arab clans to attack Turkish forces in Arabia, Palestine and Syria. They recruited Emir, later King, Husayn ibn Ali, of the Hejas, the western region of the Arabian peninsula, Husayn’s sons, Abdullah and Faisal, and Ibn Saud the bitter rival of the Husayn family whose Bedouin warriors boiled out of the Arabian heartland to attack Turks and Arab alike. To each Britain made promises of territory carved from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. In addition, to secure Jewish help in the war against Germany, in 1917 British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour expressed support for a Zionist homeland in Palestine.

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