Lead: Five years of failure and disappointment flashed away as Howard Carter looked through opening he had made. The young King came alive.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: The rule of Pharaoh Tutankhamen was a short one. He lived about 1350 years before Christ and died at seventeen, his rule brief, obscure and dominated by powerful advisors. He was buried and over the years the location of his small tomb was forgotten. Most Egyptologists had assumed the grave site to have been discovered but Carter and his partner George Lord Herbert Carnarvon thought otherwise and spent the five years before 1922 searching the Valley of the Kings near ancient Thebes for the young King's illusive tomb. After nearly giving up, on November 4th, workmen discovered a step cut into the rock of the Valley floor. Carter cabled his partner to come from England and Lord George arrived November 23rd. By that time a stairway and door were uncovered and Carter had found the name of Tutankhamen cut into the wall at several places. Two days later the corridor leading into the tomb had been cleared and he had reached a second door. At 4:00 PM Carter made a small hole in the door and looked in. Carnarvon recalled the scene. "Mr. Carter, holding a candle before him, put in his head." He did not say anything for two or three minutes, but kept me in rather painful suspense. I thought I had been disappointed again, and I said, "Can you see anything?" "Yes, yes," he replied. "It is wonderful."


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