Lead: The history of the United States has been punctuated by a number of bitter political rivalries. One of the earliest and one that was quite wasteful to the needy young Republic was the epic struggle between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. The rivalry was personal, intellectual, political, social and in the end, quite deadly.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts

They first met as young officers in the Continental Army. Burr was a line officer and Hamilton was on the staff of General Washington. Burr was the son and grandson of Presidents of Princeton, he was brash, brilliant and nursed a smoldering ambition for greatness. It did not take long for the acute sensibilities of Hamilton to detect a real adversary for Washington's attention and future leadership in the struggling nation. He probably felt a bit of social insecurity in view of his own dubious upbringing in the West Indies. Burr's rumored affinity for supple young bed partners irritated the General and Hamilton began feeding him tantalizing gossip designed to firm up Washington's already bad impression of Burr's character. All of this might have might have been a historical footnote as the war petered-out and the country set its sights on the future, save for the fact that both men decided to settle in New York.

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