Lead: For 400 years service men and women have fought to carve out and defend freedom and the civilization we know as America. This series on A Moment in Time is devoted to the memory of those warriors, whose devotion gave, in the words of Lincoln at Gettysburg, the last full measure.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: Military innovation is often born of desperate circumstances. When Maj. General George Kenney took over allied air operations in the Southwest Pacific in summer 1942 he faced a daunting set of problems. He had to craft a working relationship with his boss, the brilliant if imperious theater commander General Douglas MacArthur, who had little respect for air power despite the fact that it was the chief offensive weapon he had at his disposal in those perilous months. He had to shape an effective alliance with the Australian Air Force whose two top Air Marshalls detested each other. Then he had to overcome a Japanese enemy whose planes outnumbered his own and up to that point were everywhere ascendant in that part of the Pacific.

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