Lead: For 400 years service men and women have fought to carve out and defend freedom and the civilization we know as America. This series on A Moment in Time is devoted to the memory of those warriors, whose devotion gave, in the words of Lincoln at Gettysburg, the last full measure.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: On a cold December night in 1773 approximately sixty men disguised with printer's ink and paint boarded three cargo ships lying at anchor in Boston Harbor. They tossed into the water 340 chests of prime Cantonese tea belonging to the British East India Company. For generations Americans have been told the story of the Boston Tea Party as the desperate act of a tiny group of frustrated patriots striking out at an oppressive British government bent on revenue enhancement at the colonies' expense. "Taxation without representation." Yet, that was not all the story.

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