Lead: In the summer of 1676, the colony of Virginia, already embroiled in an Indian war, exploded into open conflict between rival factions of colonists. It is a complicated series of events that has come to be known as Bacon’s Rebellion.

Intro.: Dan Roberts and A Moment in Time with Jamestown - Journey of Democracy, tracing the global advance of democratic ideals since the founding of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.

Content: There were many reasons that brought the colony to the boiling point: falling tobacco prices, rising costs, class tensions and even bad weather. But the most powerful reason was discontent with the policies and person of long time Governor Sir William Berkeley, a man who had clearly outlived his usefulness and his welcome. Berkeley’s fall was immediately precipitated by his Indian policy. In the 1660s and 1670s the Governor had attempted to form alliances with friendly tribes, who in turn, he hoped would act as buffers against hostile clans. To many settlers, who considered the only good Indian a dead Indian, this policy seemed to be one of weakness and appeasement.

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