Lead: Angry at a series of what they considered oppressive parliamentary acts, Virginians in the early 1770s, began to resist.

Intro.: Dan Roberts and A Moment in Time with Jamestown - Journey of Democracy, tracing the global advance of democratic ideals since the founding of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.

Content: Two-Penny, Stamp, Declaratory, Townshend. All names of parliamentary revenue statutes that gradually set colonial blood to boil. In 1769 the Virginia House of Burgesses protested the plan to try in England those colonists accused of treason, the Royal Governor dissolved that body. This prompted an alarmed George Mason to write of England “these are the bonds, which, if not broken by oppression, must long hold us together, by maintaining a constant reciprocity of interests.” These bonds were stretching to the breaking point.


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