Lead: In CE 122, Roman Emperor Hadrian, on a visit to Britain, decreed the construction of a continuous barrier across the northern neck of the island to keep out barbarians.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: For generations prior to the succession of Caesar Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus in CE 117, the Roman Empire had expanded. It was at that time the largest of the ancient western empires stretching from modern day Iran to Spain, from Northern Africa to Germany and across the North Sea to Scotland. Under Hadrian, imperial policy for a time turned from expansion to consolidation. It was time to shore up the borders. One of the most contentious regions of the empire was the area between the relatively settled districts of Roman Britain in the south and the rugged and wild stretches of present day highland Scotland inhabited by so-called barbarian clans: Pics, Scots, and a particular restive tribe known as Brigantes.

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