Lead:  Beginning in 1845, the potato crop in Ireland failed and thus began the Great Irish Famine. Within four years more than a million people had died and two million had emigrated to find a better life. Some consider the Famine to be crucible out of which emerged modern Ireland.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: The historical relationship between England and Ireland has not been a happy one. From 1171 when English King Henry II invaded the Emerald Isle and brought Gaelic independence to an end, the two peoples have enjoyed a troubled and at times violent association. For most of their joint history the English have regarded the Irish as unwashed barbarians, incapable of achieving civilization and undeserving of the normal regard accorded to human beings. The Irish, with much justification, have seen the English as brutal oppressors, interlopers, and religious infidels whose presence deserved to be resisted at every opportunity.

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