Lead: From 1648-1653 resistance to a monarch grasping for absolute power in in France tossed up social, political, economic and religious resistance known as the Fronde.
Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.
Content: The turmoil took the name Fronde for the slingshots with which urban crowds broke shop windows as a form of social protest. Author Wendy Gibson asserts that the Fronde transformed Louis XIV from a boy king to a real king. The outbursts of disorder were an attack on the French status quo, but most especially against the monarchy represented by the King’s mother, Regent Anne of Austria and their minister and her lover, Italian adventurer and Cardinal Jules Mazarin. Together Anne and Mazarin managed to antagonize most elements of French society. The attacks came in waves and reflected that discontent. Pamphlets, Mazarinades, flooded the streets accusing both of sexual intimacy and unnatural acts. Horses were exhorted by coachmen to hurry, “or Mazarin will get you!”
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