Lead: The nomination in hand the Senator from Massachusetts needed a running mate who would help him win.

Intro.: "A Moment in Time" with Dan Roberts.

Content: Wyoming did it, the entire delegation at the 1960 Democratic Convention moved for Kennedy in a single vote and he went over the top. After short talk with his pregnant wife on Cape Cod, a brief appearance in the meeting hall, the nominee motored back through the streets of Los Angeles to his hide-a-way on North Rossmore Boulevard for a well-earned rest. While an aide fixed some eggs Jack Kennedy prepared for bed, the nomination for vice-President very much on his mind. He was a Senator from a northeastern state, perceived as a liberal with little experience. He had seized the nomination often ignoring the wishes of Party elders by a combination of hard work, careful strategy, and the generous distribution of his family's enormous financial resources. He needed balance and he needed it badly.


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