Lead:  Lucy Webb Hayes was the first presidential wife to graduate from college but in both attitude and action she was a traditionalist.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: Rutherford B. Hayes met his wife at college. He was a young Cincinnati attorney, just starting out, and would attend Friday afternoon receptions at Wesleyan Female College. Lucy was sixteen when they first met and after a courtship of five years they married in 1852. From the beginning the Hayes gained the reputation as deeply religious people of Methodist orientation. The future President was a Civil War hero, having been wounded at the Battle of South Mountain. He served as a Republican Congressman from Ohio, but it was his balance and reasonable approach to rule during his term as Governor of Ohio that made him a compromise candidate in the bitterly disputed election of 1876. Southern whites had grown weary of Reconstruction, and when the Presidential election ended in deadlock and had to be decided in the House of Representatives, the Deep South led by Wade Hampton of South Carolina voted for Hayes against the Democrat Sam Tilden, who had won a majority of popular votes, because Hayes promised to pull federal troops from the four remaining Southern states under garrison and spend federal money to help the South rebuild its war-shattered economy.

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