Lead: Born of despair and yet giving hope to millions, Alcoholics Anonymous, through its principles and methods maps a pathway out of addiction into sobriety.

Intro: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts

Content: By December 1934, William Griffiths Wilson, a theretofore-successful stock broker had just about reached the end of his resources. He was an alcoholic, hopelessly addicted to liquor and in deep peril professionally and personally. Three times before he had taken the detox treatment at Charles Town’s posh Manhattan retreat for well-to-do devotees of alcohol. Each time he went back to the bottle. This was his fourth attempt at getting sober. Wilson was deeply in debt. His career was ruined. To his care givers, the only possibility seemed long-term institutionalization. The attending physician had prescribed the Belladonna Cure, hourly injections of a hallucinogenic made from a poisonous nightshade, a plant designed to invoke relaxation and sobriety out of the discomfort of the treatment.