Lead: In the 1920s the United States tried to stem the flow of liquor. Gangsters like Al Capone kept it going.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: The parents of Alphonse Capone migrated from Naples, Italy in 1893. The fourth son among nine children, Al quit his Brooklyn, New York school at the age of 14, bummed his way through various odd jobs, and finally attracted the attention of John Torrio, a rising young force in the New York mob. Torrio became Capone's mentor and recruited him into the gangs. They were an interesting contrast. Torrio was reserved and calculating, Capone, a powerful physical creature, ready if not eager to use his fists or a baseball bat against anyone who got in his way. Sometime during his teen years Capone caught syphilis from a prostitute in one of his organization's brothels. The disease as it often does went into hibernation only to emerge during his most prosperous years producing erratic and sometimes cruel behavior.



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