Lead: Born from good intentions, Prohibition ironically created a market for liquor and turned it over to people like Al Capone.

Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts.

Content: In the 1920s the United States embarked on another of its periodic flirtations with a perfect society. This struggle goes to back to origins of America. The New England puritans first arrived on the cold shores of Massachusetts in 1620 in search of at least two things. They desired a refuge in which they could find freedom to worship and conduct their lives as they pleased, but they also dreamed of building a holy commonwealth, a godly society shaped by the teachings of Scripture. These two often conflicting goals, freedom and societal godliness, have had a profound influence on the way America has developed. Yes, the puritans built a society theoretically based on freedom, but their definition of freedom of worship at least, did not include Catholics, Jews, atheists or even Baptists.



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