What people are saying about Dan Roberts


“…[W]hat you’re doing is so much FUN to listen to every day. It’s as dramatic as a good, grownup soap opera—but satisfying and meaty in content.”

“I have become addicted to A Moment in Time and try never to miss it…never before have I cared in the slightest about anything that happened hundreds of years ago, but somehow your tiny program has kindled the flame…Please keep up the good work, and may you light a fire in many minds about the relevance and fascination of history.”

“I just wanted to tell you that your Moment In Time is great. I find myself making other people in the car be quiet so I can listen. I've started many dinner conversations off stories you've told with good results. Thank you for the little glimpses at history my teachers would never have given us.”

“I love history and I love radio. For the longest time I have been disappointed with how people in my age range [22-30] view history and how little they know. I think our education system needs revising...when I was in school all the emphasis was put on "math and science", "science and math". And now we have a generation or two that doesn't even know who Ben Franklin was, a man important to science and the history of our country! Anyway, keep up the great work!”
I am a trucker and listen every day. I find your pieces fascinating.

“Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy “A Moment In Time,” which I listen to on public radio during my morning commute to work. I find myself timing my commute to allow listening to your program and I make sure that I am tuned to the public radio station at ‘ten ‘till the hour.’ Again, thanks!”

“…I consider your Public Radio feature “A Moment In Time” to be a priceless educational achievement whose value to the listening public would be very difficult to quantify. One does not have to agree with every word you say, and that is part of its merit: you challenge.”

“Your resolve to make history a ‘present-day adventure in discovery’ is most praiseworthy….I listen to you every morning and thoroughly enjoy being transported back in time, opening up new scenarios in history that prompt further research as fresh nuances and convert synergy potential into attendant learning behavior.”

“Let me say that I listen to your radio spots everyday they air them on my XM radio. Your Moment In Time spots are great. They always fuel me to research more about the subjects you discuss. I also went to your website and found it great as well. Thank you.”

I listen to the show four days out of five (sometimes I don't catch it), and I always enjoy it; I'm learning all the history I dodged in High School.