Dan Roberts

If anyone can be accurately described as a Renaissance man, it would be Dan Roberts, executive producer and host of the award-winning radio series, A Moment in Time. Created to excite and enlighten the public about the past, its relevance to the present and its impact on the future, A Moment in Time is a captivating historical narrative that is currently broadcast worldwide.

After receiving a B. A. in history from Presbyterian College in 1969, Roberts served as an officer in the U.S. Army, including a tour in Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star in 1971. Roberts had begun training as a Presbyterian minister and completed his professional education at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1974. In August, 1986, he served as Guest Chaplain of the United States Senate.

In 1990, Roberts obtained a Master’s Degree from the University of Richmond and, in 1997, a Ph. D. in Early Modern British History and American Colonial History from the University of Virginia. He is currently Professor of Liberal Arts and History at the University of Richmond and serves as Chair of the Department of Liberal Arts at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. He has also been a guest contributor and columnist for Education Week, USA Today, the Scripps-Howard Papers and Media General’s Richmond Times Dispatch. He is often heard as a history commentator on CNN, CNN Headline News, and Fox News.

Dan is a popular jazz pianist and an avid reader. He travels each year to a part of the world for research in his continuous quest to bring history to life. He also spends a great deal of time on the road as a popular speaker for corporations, organizations and national audiences.

Roberts has three children, Heather Elizabeth Roberts Gill, Kathleen Taylor Roberts Hunt, and Daniel McDonald Roberts, III, and a granddaughter, Ava McKenzie Hunt.

The Team

Nancy Waldo is the coordinator of the team and the glue that keeps everyone operating efficiently. Nancy has worked with Dan for almost 20 years.

Rob Richards, producer, handles the recording, timing, and distribution of A Moment in Time.

Clay Hamner owns Lythos Studios, the marketing firm representing the team.

Sandy Creed maintains the database of work which after 20 years contains over 4,000 segments of history.

Kevin Jonas of Jonas Marketing is the current webmaster and administrator for the website.

Nancy Waldo, Coordinator
Rob Richards, Producer
Clay Hamner, Marketing
Kevin Jonas, Webmaster
Sandy Creed, Assistant Content Manager