About A Moment In Time

Over 20 years ago, Dan Roberts was a history professor on his way home at 2:00 am from a jazz piano gig in Washington, DC, when he had a flash of insight on the Occoquan Bridge about a problem he’d been wrestling with. Many of his students seemed disconnected from the past. Some studies indicated that the average college senior would struggle to get higher that the most minimum score on a history survey. These students included those destined to inherit our nation's mantle of leadership - going to formulate policies that govern our lives… a scary thought.

His insight led to A Moment in Time, and since 1994 this syndicated brief radio program has been informing provoking listeners to think about history—all kinds of history, ancient and modern, American and World, sports and music and inventions and scientific discoveries, the list goes on and on. Over 2 million listeners hear the broadcasts daily, and thousands around the world receive the daily email with the transcript and audio and occasionally video. Each transcript includes resources for the listener who wants to know more about the day’s topic.

The intellectually curious, students, educators (including home schoolers), journalists, truck drivers, and many others find A Moment in Time compelling and exciting. We’re glad you are joining us!