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Eleanor of Aquitaine I

Lead: At her father's unexpected death in 1137, fifteen-year-old Eleanor, daughter of Duke Guillaume of Aquitaine, found herself heiress to a huge region of western France. It made one of the most eligible catches in Europe. Intro. : A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts. Content: In a long and

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The Great Awakening

Lead: Out of the intellectual ferment of the Eighteenth Century Enlightenment emerged a rush of devout pietism. The Great Awakening helped transform American religious life. Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts. Content: The wars of religion that convulsed Europe following the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Revival in the

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Jamestown Journey: Bacon’s Rebellion

Lead: In the summer of 1676, the colony of Virginia, already locked in an Indian war, broke into the conflict later called Bacon’s Rebellion. Intro.: Dan Roberts and A Moment in Time with Jamestown - Journey of Democracy, tracing the global advance of democratic ideals since the founding of Jamestown,

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