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Battle of Midway I

Lead: In the early summer of 1942 United States forces in the Pacific could have been defeated at the distant tip of the Hawaiian archipelago. Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts. Content: When the last Japanese dive bombers departed through the smoke that billowed from the ruined U.S.

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Voltaire II

Lead: In 1729 François Marie Arouet, Voltaire, returned from self-imposed exile in London. He brought a reinforced determination to challenge the ancient regime in France. Intro.: A Moment in Time with Dan Roberts. Content: His English experience had changed Voltaire. He became enamored of the intellectual ferment that the relatively

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The Saga of Leo Frank III

Lead: In 1915, Georgia Governor John M. Slaton commuted the sentence of Leo Frank, a man wrongfully convicted in the brutal murder of one of his employees, young Mary Phagan. That summer a mob broke into the prison farm where Frank was being held, took him out and lynched him.

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